Samarth Bharat Infotech


Correspondence management system

  • There are many departments in one organization.Every day many letters are being generated, sent and also received in the organization.
  • These letters belong to various departments.
  • Using Samarth Bharat Record Management system, these letters are scanned and sorted and passed on to the respective departments and to the concerned person.
  • This helps reduce time consumption and person’s burden of sorting those letters individually and manually and passing those letters hand to hand.
  • After reaching letters to their destination, users can set reminders along with the individual letters and also generate reports as per the requirement.
  • Whatever hard copies are generated every day (like work order, quotation, bills, resumes, letters), are kept in store room which lead to the formation of heap of records.
  • Whenever we need any particular record, it is difficult to get that record from the heap of records in the store room.
  • But, using Samarth Bharat Record Management System, we can store the physical address of the hard copies with the scanned copies.
  • So, whenever we want any specific record, using our software, we can get the physical location of the record stored in store room as well as the scanned copy of that particular document.